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DAN THE FAN – Can Jewell deliver over January?

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If there were any Swindon fans still holding out hope this current squad could still achieve a top seven finish this season those hopes were shattered yesterday at the County Ground. After picking up three points out of four League Two games over the festive period it’s painfully obvious that this Town squad needs major […]

Welcoming ‘Dan the Fan’

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Before we take a look back at the past twelve months I want to welcome you all to the new home of ‘Dan the Fan’. As a Trust member for many years I firmly believe that the Trust will play a major role in the future of our football club and I’m incredibly proud to […]

Trust Board Meeting – December 2018

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Trust Chairman Steve Mytton with news from the latest board meeting… For over five years the Trust board have consistently met on a monthly basis, to discuss all things Swindon Town. Starting now, we will provide updates via the website on items discussed, in an effort to keep supporters up to speed on progress with […]

TRUST MATTERS: A future that works for all

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Our latest Swindon Advertiser column is reproduced below. Visit the Swindon Advertiser website for the original article. In their latest Trust Matters column, TrustSTFC provide an update on their community ownership plans for the County Ground and their desire to work with Swindon Town on the future of the stadium THE months keep flying by […]

Who are Supporters Direct? *VIDEO*

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“People are stepping up – they want involvement and everyone deserves a voice” Click above to watch this short video about who Supporters Direct is, how they help supporters get a voice and much, much more. For more information please browse their website www.supporters-direct.org and please put any questions in the contact us box.

FA Review Stadia Ownership

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This article has been reproduced from the Supporters Direct (SD) website – please visit www.supporters-direct.org Amongst the crowded space in the days leading up to a World Cup was a story that should give every supporters trust and supporter of the game hope for the future. The FA and Government announced that they will start […]

Assets of Community Value (ACV) *VIDEO*

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We’ll soon be starting the process to renew the ACV on the County Ground. It was successfully listed in January 2014, and lasts for five years. Click on the video above to find out what it all means, and of course – get in touch if you have questions. Supporters Direct are the leading experts […]

Want to get involved?

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We’ll soon be kicking off a regular podcast, and we’ll cover any number of topics. Maybe you want to get involved?  Just let us know.

Introducing the Timeline

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You may not know this, but the Trust has been around since 2001. Lots has happened over the years, and it’s easy to lose track of things, so we’ve introduced a new timeline feature to help us all. Click here and take a look at the page, and let us know if you think we’ve […]

March 2018: TrustSTFC AGM Summary

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Last night’s TrustSTFC Annual General Meeting (AGM) brought Town fans together once again at the Goddard Arms in Old Town, Swindon. The meeting was well attended and started with a review of the year just gone, covering the events that followed the 2017 AGM, and the Fans Meeting held last May. Following extensive due diligence, […]