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TrustSTFC.tv: What is this all about?

Welcome to TrustSTFC.tv. Another website? Yes, you betcha. And with good reason. Over at Trust STFC HQ, we believe that a football club is at its best when it allows its fans to communicate and have their say. While we’ve been quick to put across our views in the past, through the local press and […]

VIEW FROM THE TOWN END: To swear or not to swear, that is the question

Sam Morshead
By Darrell Smith, View from the Town End To swear or not to swear. Having been a supporter of Swindon Town FC since the 1970s, I can tell you the matchday experience has changed significantly. Restrictions such as no bottle tops on your drinks and no air horns are the norm. Now the final bastion […]

The Sun’s glossy portrayal of Tim Sherwood does a disservice to Swindon fans after his miserable reign

GET INVOLVED: How you can contribute to TrustSTFC.tv

Hello there, it seems you might have an opinion that needs to be vented. Well you’ve come to the right place. TrustSTFC.tv is all about your thoughts, your moans, your groans and maybe – just maybe – the odd compliment. This platform gives you, Mr Supporter, the chance to have your comments aired to the […]