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SWINDON TOWN REACH GAME NUMBER 4,000: The stats behind a Robins landmark

Sam Morshead
By Richard Banyard, founder of www.swindon-town-fc.co.uk One little stat that went past largely unnoticed over the weekend was the fact that the Bristol Rovers game was Swindon’s 4,000th league match since joining in 1920. As always with these things, it’s sometimes a little ambiguous as to what should and shouldn’t be included in the figures […]

Memories of a press officer

The Sun’s glossy portrayal of Tim Sherwood does a disservice to Swindon fans after his miserable reign

Sam Morshead
Napoleon had it right. ‘History is a set of lies agreed upon,’ he said. The Little General knew what he was talking about. Narrow victories on the battlefields of Europe were twisted into era-defining triumphs, defeats were never discussed and the French emperor’s image was emboldened through generous portraits in print and on canvas by […]

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