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The day after: what happens next?

Yesterday was a very significant day in Court for the future of Swindon Town.  This note considers what is likely to happen next, and when. One caveat: TrustSTFC does not have the evidence filed at Court and copies of key documents, so this is based on what we heard yesterday. In addition, the Judge has so far […]

Power v Axis Court Case Update 15th June 21

Highlights: Court has decided that Mr Power has agreed to sell all of his shares in Swinton (and therefore STFC) to Axis The judge has decided that Axis is entitled to purchase these shares. Court has not today ordered Mr Power to transfer the shares, that will have to be dealt with in a future […]

Fan-Led Review – Questions and Answers

You may have heard in the news recently about the Fan-Led Review. The review has been brought forward by the UK government due to controversies over the proposed European Super League, and will consider ownership, finance and supporter involvement in the game. We explain here the objectives of the Fan-Led Review and the role TrustSTFC […]

Court Hearing: Pre-Emption Rights

At the last Court hearing between Lee Power, Michael Standing and Axis Football Investments Ltd (“Axis”) there was discussion about “pre-emption rights”.  This article by James Maton, legal adviser for TrustSTFC, explains what they are and why they are relevant to Swindon Town. Formally, Swindon Town is a company called Swindon Town Football Company Limited […]