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Inspiration from Seattle *VIDEO*


It’s often been noted that the soccer supporter culture in the United States and Major League Soccer in particular has been growing in recent years. With passionate fanbases everywhere from Kansas City to Portland to Philadelphia, the league’s clubs are getting fans to matches and now MLS as a whole averages over 19,000 per match.

Often the outlier in terms of attendance, the Sounders continue to build a special environment at CenturyLink Field on matchdays with an attendance average nearing 40,000. English YouTube production group Copa 90 were in town for the Sounders Western Conference Semifinal against FC Dallas earlier this month and were clearly impressed with what they saw at the match and on the days leading up to it.

Check out the 15-minute video above for their thoughts on the atmosphere, March to the Match, tifos and all the club’s outstanding supporters groups and sub groups.


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