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A summer of discontent

A summer of discontent


A honest assessment from a STFC fan to the current STFC predicament

We all knew this was going to be a long arduous summer, but did we really expect to turn out like it has.

This is coming from a fed-up fan who honestly is just a little fearful of the circumstances of what has happened in the previous 10-14 days.

We have not got a manager or an assistant coach, John McGreal was appointed on the 26th of May on a two-year deal. Rene Gilmartin was brought into be McGreal assistant manager. Both terminated their contracts with immediate effects on the 25th of June. On that same day Steve Anderson left the club after almost 8 years at the club. That same weekend it was reported that Director of Football Paul Jewell had left the club, nothing official from the club website. It has all gone quiet over what has happened to Paul Jewell, radio silence. No news has been reported and it has been close to two weeks since rumours were flying around social media about his departure.

The battle of the ownership between Lee Power and Axis (Clem Morfuni) has been the main talking point of the summer for us STFC fans. The club is in turmoil on and off the field after the disastrous season last season back in League one.  On the same day that Steve Anderson, John McGreal, and Rene Gilmartin left, the hight court confirmed that Lee Power must sell his 85 shares in Swinton Reds to Clem Morfuni.

This has wrangled on for close to two weeks now and has descended into absolute chaos. The so called ITK accounts on the weekend on the 25t June saying that the takeover would be done asap has gone mysteriously quiet over the last 7-10 days. That Is where the carnage of STFC took place, last week it broke on the excellent Loathed Strangers podcast that the players and staff at Swindon Town were not paid the wages for June 2021. This started a domino effect with more bad news coming out of the club. The next day it was reported in local press that Swindon Town council were taking the club to court for unpaid rent on the County Ground. Bad news normally comes in three’s, last Friday it broke that Pierce Sweeney has left the club by mutual consent without kicking a ball for the club after moving from Exeter City just three weeks previously.

The latter part of last week was a massive kick in the teeth for us Swindon Town fans, it honestly sucks. What really hurts is that this news breaking last week really did not get the attention it deserved. Only BBC Sport, Jeff Stelling on social media and the excellent Price of Football podcast picked up on in the news. Nothing in the national newspapers which is bog standard as there is a European tournament going on. BTW Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday are going through problems higher up but are getting national coverage why not Swindon Town, it may be sour grapes, but the miss fortune of our club should be given the publicity it deserves. Or maybe its just going to one individual who people on social media thinks is the gospel of all football news at the Sun. your guess is as good as mine. The club put on a wishy-washy statement prior to England game against Ukraine and it got the backlash it deserved. Patience is wearing thin for us Swindon Town fans and wear is our breaking point.

Talking about social media, do not believe the ITK accounts or certain trolls who are clearly craving the attention they are clearly lacking. Look at the excellent work of Trust STFC and the good news that they posted over the weekend over the sale of the club. Also on social media, this news is affecting some of us. Including myself with anxiety and mental health problems it does suck. We will stick together, and it will get better, and this will get resolved.

Pre-Season started today with what 8/9 first team players, first pre-season game kicks off this Friday night away at Melksham and they confirmed that the game will be going ahead. The season starts in just over a month and for the 5th day running the staff at the football club have not been paid. This is becoming a joke. Just a couple of weeks ago the current owner legal team informed the wonderful Judge Thompsell that he was able to fund the club until September. But has not paid his staff.

This is becoming a sad situation at the County ground; us fans are suffering. I hate to think what the players and the staff are going through. People livelihoods are suffering now, it is a sorry sight and I hope for us fans and the club there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A honest and fed-up member of our STFC fanbase.


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