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A Wonderful Start Under a New Regime

A Wonderful Start Under a New Regime


It’s been a compelling last 10 weeks being a Swindon Town fan, it started with a summer of discontent. An ownership battle which finally ended in late July and a great start to the league two campaign.

I am not going to lie or beat around the bush, I feared for the club over the summer. The anxiety hit hard and low over something you adored loved and cherished, I had envisioned of the club becoming a Macclesfield and a Bury and going out of business after being poorly run and mismanaged for years. Just for a phoenix club to be done a year later and the history of the previous club being wiped away from existence. You remember that we had a horrific 20/21 league campaign in League one where everything went wrong post Richie Wellens departure, we had to endure the dinosaur tactics and the duo of John Sheridan and his assistant Tommy Wright. The Football wasn’t great and us fans had to suffer via Ifollow as we weren’t allowed in the stadiums due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

The Summer takeover talks just wrangled on and on until late July where Pre-season was underway with only a handful of players in attendance. It was shambles, thankfully the takeover happened in mid-July and anxiety between the fans was eased and we got our Football Club back from the previous owner who ran it into the ground. Wages for June 2021 wasn’t paid, the rent to the council for the ground wasn’t paid since April 2020. The club was in a mess and thankfully Clem Morfuni game into to stop the rot and take the club over and take the club into a new direction.

Since the takeover it has been a breath of fresh air being a Swindon Town fan, you feel the community is back with in the club. That was previously missing under the previous regime in the final moments of his tenure. But now with the community is back and what is a club without the community its means nothing. We go to games now and you hear the chant “we have our Swindon back” and we do and its great to see.

Ben Garner and Ben Chorley came in as the head coach and the Director of Football and both have done a brilliant job so far with the squad rebuilding and the results on the pitch. 14 new signings and two returns from last season in Akin Odimayo who signed a new 1-year deal in August the same with Anthony Grant, who was released under previous management and was brought back in with open arms. The standout transfer for me and I imagine that many Swindon Town fans would agree is the free signing of Welsh International Jonny Williams. I have no idea how the board and Ben Chorley pulled that transfer off, but us fans are thankful that you did. In the fleeting cameos that he had on the pitch; Williams is proving all ready that he is a fans favourite.

The results on the pitch have been outstanding, I don’t think anyone would have predicted the start of the season that Swindon Town have had. 6 games into the League Two season, Swindon Town are 4th with 11 points from the mentioned 6 games. A spot outside the top 4 only on goal difference behind Bradford City who occupy third place, Harrogate Town and Forest Green Rovers are the top two sides in the League Two standings with 13 points from 6 games.

It has been an excellent start to the season and in the games, I have watched on I follow and the two games in stadium, I have been really impressed with the style of football that has been implemented under Ben Garner. It is night and day from last season the style of football being played at SN1. You have the feeling this season that everyone in the squad is enjoying their football now and its fantastic to watch and long may it continue.

The excellent work behind the scenes cannot be scoffed at, I love how Clem Morfuni and new CEO Rob Angus have gone about in their business. New names to two stands at the County Ground, we have the John Trollope stand which used to be called the Arkells stand and before the Carlise home game the Town end behind the goal has been renamed the Alan McLoughlin Town end.

It has been a fantastic start to the season, under new management and new owners. The feel-good factor is back at Swindon Town, there is optimism for this season instead of the pessimism of last season woes in League one. The two Ben’s have been working overtime and the players, fans and board are reaping the rewards.

By Scot Munroe


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