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Memories of a press officer

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Former Swindon Town press officer and lifelong fan CHRIS TANNER lifts the lid on life inside the County Ground… Having been at the season opener against Barnsley in August 2002, little did I know that just two months later I would be up in the press box as a full-time member of the Swindon Town […]

SWINDON TOWN REACH GAME NUMBER 4,000: The stats behind a Robins landmark

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By Richard Banyard, founder of www.swindon-town-fc.co.uk One little stat that went past largely unnoticed over the weekend was the fact that the Bristol Rovers game was Swindon’s 4,000th league match since joining in 1920. As always with these things, it’s sometimes a little ambiguous as to what should and shouldn’t be included in the figures […]

REMEMBER ME? Mehdi Kerrouche

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In the latest installment in the series, STEVEN FYFE catches up with former Swindon Town striker Mehdi Kerrouche. Making just 18 appearances will not make you a club legend, but scoring eight goals in that time will make you a fan favourite. French Algerian forward Kerrouche signed for League Two Swindon under Di Canio and his rise and fall was […]

The Sun’s glossy portrayal of Tim Sherwood does a disservice to Swindon fans after his miserable reign

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Napoleon had it right. ‘History is a set of lies agreed upon,’ he said. The Little General knew what he was talking about. Narrow victories on the battlefields of Europe were twisted into era-defining triumphs, defeats were never discussed and the French emperor’s image was emboldened through generous portraits in print and on canvas by […]

TRUST STFC PODCAST: Sherwood out, Flitcroft in

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We’re back. After a summer break, the Trust STFC Podcast returns. Presenter WILL WARDROP met up with Daily Mail journalist and former Swindon Advertiser chief sports writer SAM MORSHEAD in the pub in Kensington. On the agenda… Tim Sherwood’s claims that he ‘wasn’t really there’ during his time at Town (thanks Tim!), David Flitcroft’s arrival […]


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From being number two to being replaced by his brother in a match and occasional trips to watch speedway, Ty Belford lived and breathed Swindon during his spell at the County Ground. Despite making only 15 appearances for Town he will be fondly remembered for his contribution to our various causes. He spoke to STEVEN […]

Trust chairman calls on fans to share views at May 24 meeting

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Trust STFC are calling on supporters to attend a fans’ meeting next week as they continue to develop long and short-term plans of action. The Trust, who recently announced intentions to purchase the County Ground freehold from Swindon Borough Council, say all Town fans are welcome to attend the event which is due to take […]

REMEMBER ME? Alex Henshall

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ALEX HENSHALL has experienced virtually every high and low available to young footballers trying to make the grade. He took some time to talk Town, Manchester City and his future with STEVEN FYFE.  How was it coming through the STFC academy? “Great. As a young lad all I wanted to do was play football! “I […]

TRUST STFC PODCAST: Relegation special

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After the 90 minutes of misery that was the final game of the season at Charlton, presenter WILL WARDROP caught up with SAM MORSHEAD to discuss the car crash that was 2016-17, the state of our club and what happens this summer. Oh, and the EFL came in for a rough ride too. Listen in […]

SAM MORSHEAD: After a season of neglect, what is there to look forward to?

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Where to start, where to start, where to start? I was particularly struck by a tweet from a former club secretary in the aftermath of today’s defeat. Marie Saunders echoed the feelings of all of us. ‘Genuinely feel the hard work we put in as a club, community, supporters and staff over the years has […]