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County Ground Improvements – what would you like to see?

County Ground Improvements – what would you like to see?


Trust board member James Spencer evaluates what upgrades and issues need to be addressed at the County Ground once the joint venture between the club and supporters groups is agreed.

Stadium developments are one thing, but more generally I think most people will agree that the County Ground needs a few changes to make it an environment that fans can be proud of. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this, so please let us have your feedback…

I’ve listed a few ideas below to get the ball rolling….

  • Food outlets – a wider selection on offer and perhaps reduce the prices a little, also maybe use technology or better process to minimise queues at half time?
  • Improve the Concourse/Toilet areas – try and make the areas more welcoming somehow?
  • Wi-Fi in the stands for fans to use – this would be a big win.
  • Improve the PA system in the stands? – sometimes you can’t hear what’s being said, and also the music volume can be too low.
  • Atmosphere – Keep working on ideas to whip up the atmosphere prior to the game, what would you readers suggest?
  • Perhaps a large digital display with team details on? Would support advertising for local companies and bring in more revenue.

These are just a few of my ideas, I’m sure there are many more! Please let us know your views on areas that you feel need improving, either leave a comment, or post your thoughts on the Trust social media channels (FB and Twitter)

Thanks for now

James Spencer

Trust Board Member.



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