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LOADS TO COVENTRY: Your thoughts on another Ricoh campaign

LOADS TO COVENTRY: Your thoughts on another Ricoh campaign


Last season we ran the #5ktoCoventry campaign…

The ambitious title attracted a bit of stick from a small minority, although it was clear though that most people were behind it, whether they were buying tickets or not.

These campaigns are a lot of work for our small team, who did their best with the resources we have in the spare time we have around jobs.

We handed out flyers outside the ground, promoted it in the matchday programme at every home game, got the backing of many famous faces, did radio interviews, pushed it heavily on social media, encouraged it in schools and youth football teams, and did press articles galore with the help of the local media – in particular the Swindon Advertiser.

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Swindon Town fans at the Ricoh Arena. Picture: DAVE EVANS/SWINDON ADVERTISER

We also had great help from Excalibur, who helped fund 100 Town scarves that went out to excited children. It was great for those kids to see their team play away from the County Ground and they have a keepsake from the day to treasure forever.

Those of you who attended the Coventry game will know that it was a great day out, and one of the highlights of what was a strange old season.

For us, it was an experiment to see what interest can be drummed up in a short space of time, and despite failing to hit our target, we had the largest away following for several years and there was a great response from the supporter base.

Is it worth running another campaign this season? Rather than take the knocks around a 5k target, perhaps we should just go for the biggest away following of the season?

Cast your vote and comment below, we need your feedback!

Voting closes on Sunday 29th January

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