Home News & Views DAN THE FAN: Chairman inaction will result in relegation
DAN THE FAN: Chairman inaction will result in relegation

DAN THE FAN: Chairman inaction will result in relegation


John Sheridan’s disastrous spell as Swindon Town manager plunged to new depth’s last night as his side not only limped to another League One defeat but after sitting through another lifeless display it’s clear from the outside his players has zero interest in playing for him.

Recent rumours have been doing the rounds of a rift with some of the squad’s senior players falling out with the 56-year-old manager as Anthony Grant was once again not involved in the eighteen-man squad last night.

This could be down to the manager preferring other options on his bench, but there is no way you leave out a player of Grant’s ability from your squad at a time where you are battling for every point, you need leaders, and the former Chelsea trainee is the man you want in a fight, and currently, he’s nowhere to be seen.

If we look back to most of the season’s Town were involved in a relegation fight the Town End would loudly tell the players “you’re not fit to wear the shirt’ and even single out certain players for their performance.

If fans were allowed back at the County Ground, I don’t think you’d get a huge majority blaming the players for our current league position, you’d get the odd player getting stick but not a huge wave of criticism coming their way.

I firmly believe this squad has the talent to get us out of this mess and would avoid relegation with a different person at the helm for the remaining eighteen games of this season.

But sadly, it seems Mr. Power has no intention of admitting his mistake from last November and parting ways with our current boss, if this remains his position, he’s clearly stating he’s happy for Swindon Town to be relegated, as there’s no logical position he can put forward for keeping the incumbent in his job.

The only reason I can put forward is the fact he’d need to pay off the rest of Sheridan’s contract, but from every angle you look at the situation this doesn’t make sense, as Sheridan’s management is making Swindon Town worth less as an asset to any potential buyers by driving the club firmly into League Two.

Any money due to Sheridan would be surely less than the value he would lose when he can eventually complete any deal and move on.

With a huge majority of fans demanding action on Sheridan’s position, we can only hope Mr. Power sees sense before it’s too late.


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