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DAN THE FAN: Green shoots slowly emerge at SN1

DAN THE FAN: Green shoots slowly emerge at SN1


After the disappointing performance from management and players in the League Cup 1st Round, the Town faithful needed to see a positive response on the road in Cumbria and back in Wiltshire this week, thankfully some progression is starting to emerge.

Two draws against decent League Two sides in Carlisle Utd and Leyton Orient see Scott Lindsey’s side showing signs of improvement, but it’s slow, and his side is still winless this season.

Looking at positives from this week, one of our new summer signings has impressed the most in Jacob Wakeling, as his superb finish on Saturday gave Town the lead, and followed it up with a good showing on Tuesday, the highlight, his pass for Harry McKirdy to open up the scoring.

When he received the ball from Saidou Khan in the box, he could’ve easily had a strike on goal and would’ve been in his right to do so, but he spotted his teammate McKirdy which led to the goal.

Wakeling’s partnership with McKirdy has looked sharp, and with some creativity behind them, it could be even better.

Sadly, Ronan Darcy is still waiting for his League debut for Town, something I’m surprised to see after his impact against Salford.

When Jack Payne decided to move on, we needed a creative player to come and fill that void. I’m not comparing Darcy to Payne as that would be unfair on the former Bolton midfielder, but it’s clear he’s come in to play the role Payne vacated, and has the same mindset of collecting the ball, driving play forwards.

Ideally, Lindsey would rest Gladwin this weekend and give Darcy a full 90 minutes to show what he’s about, and see if he can be the creative spark, we’re currently missing.

But a player who was given his full debut for Town this week was Tom Clayton, and after his make-shift showing at left-back against Salford, he was back in his natural position at centre-back and looked impressive throughout.

He’s a naturally talented player, who can read the game well, and has a good eye for a long pass up the pitch to teammates.

With Baudry only rested this week, I’m sure he’ll come back into the side, which would be harsh on Clayton after his impressive start, but when called upon, he’s someone who can be trusted and is an exciting talent.

Looking at some negatives, Louis Reed hasn’t looked the same player this season after taking hold of League Two under Ben Garner in the last campaign.

One reason for this could be him playing a much deeper role in the middle of the park, at times on Tuesday he was playing as another centre-back much more than a defensive midfielder, and it seems a waste with someone possessing his talents.

When the transfer window shuts this might make a difference to his form, as it’s clear he’s got admires across the divisions, but let’s hope he sees some of the Louis Reed from last season this Saturday against Rochdale.

Hopefully, by the time we welcome Robbie Stockdale’s side to the County Ground, we will have that much-needed new striker in the side.

The Head Coach mentioned in his post-match interview discussions are still ongoing regarding this position, they hope to make a move soon, but it needs to happen quickly as having an in-form option from the bench is missing.

That’s not a criticism of Tomi Adeloye, as he’s still getting used to playing at a better level than the Scottish Championship, if he can’t provide the competition for places for the striker position, a new name will be needed soon.


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