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DAN THE FAN: Playing the waiting game

DAN THE FAN: Playing the waiting game


This time last week I didn’t think our season could plunge any further into the mire, as we lost to our local rivals in a pitiful display, both centre-backs we’re publicity humiliated, one of which was the team captain, and relegation looked more on the cards than ever before.

But fast-forward just one week and our club captain has been changed without explanation, another rival humiliates us in our ground, and we witness the worse half of football seen at the County Ground this season as Town simply downed tools.

But in his post-match interview, John Sheridan gave the Town faithful some hope and finally admitted he needs to leave his job.

He was incredibly honest with Andrew Hawes on BBC Wiltshire acknowledging his time at Swindon should come to an end, it was hard not to feel sorry for the Yorkshireman as he’s been through awful times in his private life and his appointment in Wiltshire has simply not worked.

But then, somewhat incredibly, a few days later, he’s still in his job taking training and looks to be staying on. 

Hopefully, this piece will age badly over the week as we will see Sheridan resign to be replaced by someone who can give the club and players some sense of hope for the remaining games.

Even an internal appointment like Lee Peacock, Alan McLoughlin, or David Farrell would be an improvement, someone who will look to galvanise this squad and pick the football club off its knees. 

I’ve seen some fans say they don’t think even with a new manager we could survive and look at the fixtures and the current form of this side, it’s hard to disagree.

But I firmly believe if someone is brought in who can give these players the self-belief and motivation they’re missing we would have a chance of survival, as on paper our best 11 have the talent to get us out of trouble.

You may think that’s a stupid statement looking at the table, and recent performances, but if the current manager leaves, the bulk of our key players stay injury-free and rediscover the form they’ve shown in patches, the new manager bounce will do wonders for this squad and we’d stand a small chance of third-tier football in front of crowd’s next season.

Hopefully, those crowds will also be upbeat about the owner situation also as the current 15% owner of the club Clem Morfuni has set out his intentions to purchase Swindon Town from Mr. Power and put Town on track to a positive future.

If you haven’t already read Mr. Morfuni’s vision for our club on the Swindon Advertiser website I recommend you head over there to see his plans, hopefully, the current owner plays ball and some positive news comes from this exciting opportunity sooner rather than later.


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