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DAN THE FAN: Should season ticket holders be first in line?

DAN THE FAN: Should season ticket holders be first in line?


After ending the long, long wait for a win at the three-sided stadium a couple of weeks ago all eyes were on John Sheridan’s side to see if they could end another long winless spell.

It’s been thirty-four years since Town picked up a maximum in Kent, sadly, that run will run into another year as despite an encouraging first-half performance Town’s flaws at the back were on full display once again.

Two mistakes from Taylor Curran saw the home side come away 2-0 winners and leave Town 20th in League One.

The situation regarding Taylor Curran is such an odd one to understand, going by his eleven appearances for Town it’s clear he isn’t good enough yet to play in the Football League.

He would be a good player in the National League, somewhere he can get a good number of games under his belt and learn his craft, then maybe make his way back up the pyramid, but even with our injury crisis, Sheridan simply can’t start him again.

On a more positive note, the game saw Dion Conroy make his long-awaited return from injury as he replaced Dion Donohue, who seemed to pick another injury of his own.

It was great to see our new number four finally get back onto the pitch and his return gives the manager a different type of defender to use in upcoming games, I’m sure he won’t be rushed back but when fully fit hopefully he can rebuild the partnership that was thriving with Baudry before his injury.

We also saw the return of Jordan Lyden who hasn’t been seen since the first game of the season, with the long list of injuries having someone of his calibre back in contention is a huge boost and will give Anthony Grant a chance to heel up as it’s clear to see he’s continued to play with some niggling injuries.

But the best piece of news arrived last week as Swindon released all the information on how Town fans will finally be allowed back inside the County Ground.

By the time this Saturday rolls around it would’ve been 281 days since the Town faithful could watch their side without iFollow buffering in front of them.

Sadly, with Swindon and Wiltshire under Tier 2 restrictions, only 2,000 fans will be allowed inside the stadium.

Hopefully, this might change on 16th December when the tiers are reviewed, but for now, only half of season ticket holders will be admitted, if they are picked out of a ballot system.

I’ve seen on social media some fans regarding this as unfair as not everyone can get season tickets and that this should’ve been opened up to all Town fans.

I’m sure the club would love to open up the ballot to non-season ticket holders as they won’t be making money only allowing pre-paid fans to return, but they’ve made the right decision to reward those who bought a season ticket early in 2020 and have been paying £15 per match when people who didn’t buy season tickets have enjoyed home games for £10 on iFollow.

Whilst I understand only allowing season ticket holders to apply does exclude some people, it’s the only fair option the club could run with before restrictions are fully lifted.


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