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DAN THE FAN: Tisdale’s the man to take Town forward

DAN THE FAN: Tisdale’s the man to take Town forward


Everyone reading this will know Social Media has it’s good and bad points, in terms of being a football fan it’s a brilliant platform to look at during games to see other people’s opinions, or simply during the week when news drops suddenly, and this can cause either agreement or disagreement with other fans.

In my own experience over the decade-plus, I’ve been writing opinion pieces people have certainly let me know if they agree or not, some more forceful than others, but I know for certain what will unite all Swindon fans in agreement, last week was one of the worse we’ve had in many, many years supporting the Town.

As we not only lost the best manager the club had in over eight years but Noel Hunt’s interim period in charge couldn’t have got off to a worse start as National League North side Darlington dumped Town out of the F.A Cup on Saturday in embarrassing fashion.

As Jonathan Grounds’ undercooked header back to Kovar with half an hour on the clock saw Adam Campbell take advantage and give the non-league side the lead, thankfully Town showed some fight in the first half and a superb ball from Matt Smith through to Joel Grant who laid it on a plate for Brett Pitman to level up proceedings.

But on the hour Campbell once again found the net this time with the aid of a deflection past our luckless keeper, the most frustrating part of the afternoon wasn’t the two goals we conceded, but our half-hearted response to going behind, Town had thirty minutes plus added on time to make the breakthrough, and not only did they fail to score but they never looked like levelling the game up and taking it to extra time.

There seemed to be a real lack of team cohesion or plan in how to get back into the game and the cup tie fizzled out with Town once again coming up short to a non-league side in the F.A Cup.

When Wellens moved on last week I was pretty sure Noel Hunt would get the job, but after watching the horror show at the weekend and the complete non-performance for their caretaker manager from the players I’m wavering on if he’ll be the man to take us forward.

With this being only one game, I wouldn’t cast him aside completely as we know many managers have a terrible first game and recover, his predecessor being an example, but with this being Hunt’s first job in management and it looking like this season is going to be one long hard slog I don’t think giving the job to a novice would be a good move.

In an interview with BBC Wiltshire last Friday Lee Power confirmed everything we’d heard regarding Wellens’ departure and wouldn’t be drawn on who he had in mind for the job, but did mention how bleak the financial situation currently is at the County Ground, like at many, many clubs.

If I was Lee Power, I would be ringing Bath-based Paul Tisdale and offering him an interview, the former Exeter man did a superb job at St. James Park and did get Milton Keynes promoted before his sacking a year ago.

But with the current financial difficulties, I don’t know if we can offer a decent contract to tempt Tisdale to Wiltshire, but if that isn’t an issue, Tisdale is the obvious and correct choice as the next Town Manager.


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