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DAN THE FAN: Town exit League One in suitable fashion

DAN THE FAN: Town exit League One in suitable fashion


In the aptest way possible Swindon Town’s relegation to League Two was confirmed at the weekend as Tommy Wright’s side put in one of the most gutless, pathetic, wretched performances seen in many years.

It resembled a non-league side facing a Premier League giant in a pre-season friendly as Milton Keynes embarrassed Town from start to finish scoring five goals, and sadly it should’ve been much more.

When relegation to League Two was confirmed at Ashton Gate in April 2006 I remember experiencing an emotional rollercoaster in the blazing Bristol sun.

From despair to the home sides opener to elation at Aaron Brown’s equaliser, then pure frustration at Jamie Cureton’s complete lack of finishing ability.

And as the full-time whistle blew to confirm Swindon Town as the first club to have played Premier League football to be relegated to League Two, I felt an overwhelming sadness to see my club fall into the basement division.

But as the full-time whistle ended our humiliation in Milton Keynes, I didn’t feel anything, and that perfectly sums up this whole season, it’s been eight months of numbness due to how the fanbase and our football club has been treated by the Owner and Chairman Lee Power.

A sign of things to come came last August when the previous manager Richie Wellens expressed disappointment at the lack of summer recruits and quality replacements for the players that had been lost during the summer, now knowing the real state of play with the ownership, we never had a chance of competing in League One this season.

With the owner desperate to sell up and move on Town was never going to receive his full care and attention, the proof of this came when Wellens resigned, and was replaced by John Sheridan.

Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the world of football could’ve seen what Sheridan was doing to Wigan Athletic and stayed a million miles away, but instead, this man is given the task of saving us from relegation.

And after a few months when it was clear he was the wrong man for the job, he stayed in his position, even when Sheridan offered the club his resignation and handed the owner the slimmest chance of survival Power convinced him to stay, which was the equivalent of telling the fanbase he didn’t care if we were relegated.

Normally after a club endures a season as we’ve just gone through plans for the next campaign start straight away, in targeting which manager can lead them to promotion and looking at the best available players.

But neither of these things can happen, as the club’s ownership continues to play out in court, the entire fanbase has to hope Lee Power finally sees sense and walks away from Swindon Town and sells to current minority owner Clem Morfuni.

If the ownership situation can be sorted before the end of June and a new manager knows what he has to play with in terms of finances then next season we will have some chance of being successful in League Two but if our club continues to sleepwalk throughout the summer, I don’t want to contemplate what could play out next season.


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