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DAN THE FAN: Wellens deserves a Luke Williams sized contract

DAN THE FAN: Wellens deserves a Luke Williams sized contract


Town’s emphatic start to the campaign gathered more pace last Saturday as they blew away their opponents in another near-perfect away performance.

The tactics employed by Richie Wellens exploited any weaknesses in the Leyton Orient side resulting in Town having the game wrapped up at half-time, with goals from Keshi Anderson, a deflected Rob Hunt cross and a superb team goal finished off by Jerry Yates.

As has been mentioned right across all media this weekend, and in previous weeks, the togetherness surrounding this current season regarding not only Richie Wellens’ squad but also the fans and everyone involved at the club is clear for all to see.

There are many factors you can point to as the cause of this current feel-good factor, but it simply stems from bringing in the right players throughout the summer, and improving players already at the club.

Huge props have to go to Paul Jewell and Ben Chorley who head up the recruitment side of the first team for scouting and suggesting such talented players to the manager, but the most credit goes towards the man with whom the buck stops, Richie Wellens.

Ever since Lee Power took sole control of Town as owner and chairman I’ve at times been rightly critical of his running of the club, which has resulted in a long period of dissatisfaction from the Town faithful, but it’s important as well as criticising the man at the top to praise him for his appointment of Richie Wellens last November.

Along with many others, I didn’t overly support the hiring of our current manager as I had other names in mind who would be better suited to the role, but the chairman rolled the dice on a rookie manager, and thankfully for everyone, his gamble has paid off.

When Richie signed on the dotted line to become Swindon Town manager he signed on until the end of this current season. With our squad now looking fully fleshed out and ready to take on the task of promotion back to League One, It’s imperative Lee Power sits down with Richie Wellens as soon as possible and agrees on an extension to his current deal.

As we’ve all seen over the years of supporting Town, a good, talented manager can be hard to come by, and as soon as any young manager in the lower leagues starts to show their talent in the job a team in the divisions above snaps them up.

With this in mind, if I was in Lee Power’s shoes I would offer the same deal that was signed by Luke Williams when he became Head Coach of Swindon Town in March 2016, put a five-year-contract in front of the boss and make him, and his ideas, this clubs future.

Make him the overseer of all the departments at the football club, so then he knows when making a signing he will be the man to handle that players career in Wiltshire, he would also know when watching the youth team those players could become part of his team in the future.

I would say over his 10 months at the club he has shown enough to be given the keys to our clubs for the long term, of course, he’ll make mistakes, every manager makes mistakes, but it’s important to give the club a solid foundation, and Richie Wellens should play a long term role in helping our great club reach its full potential in the years to come.


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