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FSA Launches The Fans’ Manifesto

FSA Launches The Fans’ Manifesto


The Football Supporters Association (FSA), is the national, democratic, representative body for football supporters in England and Wales.

The FSA are the leading advocates for supporter ownership, better fan engagement, cheaper ticket prices, the choice to stand at the match, protecting fan rights, good governance, diversity, and all types of supporter empowerment.

You can read more about the FSA in its recent annual review which can be found here.

The Trust is fully behind the FSA’s recently launched manifesto, with full details found here.

In summary the manifesto covers the following initiatives:

  • Grassroots – Share the wealth
  • Standing – Stand Up for Choice
  • Transport – Flexible football rail tickets
  • Governance and regulation – Protect our pyramid and heritage
  • Equality – No to discrimination

I am sure you will agree these are all very worthwhile topics for fans.

Please read the full article here on the FSA manifesto.

The Trust are very keen to understand your thoughts on the manifesto, so please do comment or contact us on our social channels to let us know your views.

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