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Hannah Clinch

1. Who are you?

Hannah Clinch, 23-years-old. I’m Swindon born and bred and watch the Town from the Arkells with my family. I compete in Irish Dancing, which takes me all over the country and enjoy boxing and going to the gym in my spare time. I’m also on the Official Supporter’s Club committee and love organising events!

2. What’s your day job?

Like a few of my fellow board members, I also work at Nationwide Building Society! I work in the “Network Operations” team, with a split second-line support, cross third-party governance role. My primary focus is on supporting voice technologies but I also have a keen interest in ensuring our third parties are meeting their KPIs and SLAs, whilst providing value against their respective contracts.

3. How long have you been a Swindon fan?

For as long as I can remember! I’ve been brought up in a football crazy family, so there was no chance that I’d ever support anyone else.

4. Why did you join the STFC Trust Board?

Initially, it was my desire to bridge the gap between the various fan groups. I spotted an opportunity to try and get the groups working more collaboratively to improve fan engagement. We’ve jointly been able to purchase a new Rockin’ Robin suit this season and have plans in the works for a display, in conjunction with GWReds. I’m excited at the prospect of the joint purchase of the County Ground and look forward to helping the group to achieve this in the, hopefully, near future!

5. What expertise do you bring to the Trust board?

I have strong communication and collaboration skills and am very analytically focussed, so documentation review is a strong point for me. I’ve also got experience in events organising which plays a key part in enhancing fan engagement. Aside from that I’m (currently!) the only female Board member and am also the youngest, so I like to think I can bring a fresh perspective to ensure we are diverse and inclusive across everything we do as a group.

6. What’s your vision for the football team on the pitch?

Short term, to get out of and stay out of League 2- it’s not pretty football! If we can keep hold of the gaffer and a few of the current players, I can see us playing Championship football in the not-too-distant future.

7. What’s your proudest moment as a Swindon fan?

The 2011-12 season which saw us take the champions title was a great year, but I think the 2010 play off semi-final, away at Charlton has to take it for me. It was nail-biting from start to finish and I experienced more emotions than I thought possible, but the absolute elation when Stephen Darby’s penalty went in, to take us to Wembley was something else- the atmosphere at The Valley was incredible too!

8. Who has been your favourite ever Swindon player and Manager?

My favourite player.. tricky one. From my childhood, I’d have to go for ‘Super Sammy Parkin’- I think I had a photo with him at nearly every game and I’ve still got his boots in the loft, from the day I was mascot! Fast forward a few years and I think I’d have to go for Matt Ritchie. With his technical ability and pace, there’s no doubt about why he’s now playing in the Premier League! As for the manager, how could I not mention the infamous Paolo Di Canio? His passion for the game is applaudable and I often found myself watching him, rather than the game! However, I think Richie takes the top spot for me. He’s got the team playing some of the best football we’ve seen in years and his personal desire and honesty when engaging with the fans is admirable.

9. What’s your overall vision for Swindon Town Football Club?

To have a truly community-focused football club that is successful on and off the pitch. Having a place for all to share their memories and aspirations would be fantastic and I think this season has seen a great improvement already in this space.