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EFL Trophy boycott: JustGiving fund update

EFL Trophy boycott: JustGiving fund update


Earlier this season TrustSTFC polled members and supporters via social media, in an effort to gauge opinion on a potential supporter boycott of 2016/17 EFL Trophy matches.

The feedback was overwhelming, with many impassioned email responses and 86 percent of over 700 Twitter voters stating they had no intention of attending EFL Trophy matches this season.

As many had decided to not attend the matches, we set up a ‘JustGiving’ page to give another option.

The EFL Trophy has not gone down well with Swindon Town fans

Supporters were able to donate the equivalent of their ticket price to this fund, in order to benefit local charities including the Swindon Carers Centre, while simultaneously being reinvested in the football club.

Simply put, the money given by supporters will be spent either on providing County Ground experiences for the beneficiaries of the charities involved or on purchasing items from the club which can be sold again at fundraising auctions.

Thank you to those of you that contributed – the uptake was fairly light, but we did raise £183 and will let you know how and when this money is spent.

As well as Swindon Carers, we have been in touch with the Uplands Community Enterprise Centre in Penhill.

If you are part of a local Charity or Community organisation and would like to get in touch, please let us know.


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