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James Phipps – TRUST FOCUS: Commercial, marketing, strategy, financial

1. Who are you?

James Phipps, born and raised in Pinehurst, Swindon. Aged 38, married with two daughters and various pets.

2. Whats your day job?

Entrepreneur and Philantropist – I make money and I give it away. Business interests like Excalibur or Swindon Link to breweries and software. Founded a charity for young people in Swindon and Kenya, Trustee for Wiltshire Community Foundation, Patron for Swindon 105.5 and Ambassador for Jessie May.

3. How long have you been a Swindon fan?

Since the age of 3

4. Why did you join the STFC trust board ?

Fed up of the decline in the club over many years and wanted to make a change

5. What expertise do you bring to the Trust board?

Commercial, marketing, strategy, financial

6. Whats your vision for the football team on the pitch?

To have a mixture of young and older players with some coming from Swindon to play with pride

7. Whats your proudest moment as a Swindon fan?

Promotion under Paolo Di Canio, we played great football, great atmosphere and the fans and board had a good relationship

8. Who has been your favorite ever Swindon player and Manager?

Glenn Hoddle and Glenn Hoddle. Most hated manager also Glenn Hoddle after promising to stay and leaving the next day and the downward spiral that then came.

9. Whats your overall vision for Swindon Town football club?

For fans to have shares and a seat on the board. For the club to be run with the fans and community at the heart of all it does and this to therefore make an improvement to sponsorship and attendances, with ground redevelopment, to make the club sustainable.