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PLAYER STATUES: What do you think?

PLAYER STATUES: What do you think?


Many clubs up and down the country have a statue of a former great adorning the approach to their football stadium. These statues acknowledge the great times of the past and these statues are reserved for people that have made huge contributions to the history of each club.

We’ve seen some great players and personalities light up the County Ground over the years, but as yet we only have a small commemoration of the great Harold Fleming on show in the Reception area.

Is this enough Town fans?

The idea of player statues has been on our remit for a while now and some time ago we got in touch with Alan Beattie Herriot, who over the past 36 years has built an international reputation and is considered one of Scotland’s most successful figurative sculptors.

He works from his Howgate studio near Edinburgh, and his sculptures portray characters from history, literature and legend. He has produced work for the major Heritage Conservation bodies, The National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland as well as for organisations and individuals in Britain and Ireland, Holland, France and Norway.

Alan recently unveiled a statue of one of Belfast’s most iconic sporting legends, Rinty Monaghan, a former world flyweight champion boxer, who died in 1984.



In 2012 he was tasked with creating a statue of the great Denis Law, and completed the work in just a few months. Prior to the full statue a Maquette was created (a small sized figure) and was approved by the team and Denis Law himself.

Alan is a big sports fan and was enthusiastic about the idea of helping us create a statue of a Swindon Town legend. The costs are not ridiculous, and this is definitely a project that could be achieved with the help of some crowdfunding – but would you as Town fans be interested?

This site is all about getting your feedback, so let us know if you think a Statue of a former great would be worthwhile, and if so – who? Cast your vote in the poll below!

Voting closes on Tuesday 28th February

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