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THE RED ARMY FUND: All you need to know


When we relaunched the Red Army Fund back in August 2015, it was hard to know what to expect.

We were asking for financial support to deliver long term change at the County Ground, and it was focused on a vision of building a successful club off the pitch, improving the matchday experience, recognising our fabulous history and making a better and brighter future where youngsters either support their local side or make it through to the first team and become the stars of tomorrow – and of course, the Stratton Bank and it’s roof: You can read more about that here.

The fund has been used to bring players in previously and had been relatively successful – we helped bring Harry Toffolo to the club during the 2014/15 season – but successive club ownerships have generally rejected the idea of a using our contributions for player salaries.

One can only assume because it promotes the idea of financial weakness or instability.

We only want you to contribute whatever you can comfortably afford on a regular basis.

Thank you to each and every one of you that continue to support us financially with monthly contributions.

To everyone else, please give it some thought and if you can spare a pound or more each month, sign-up at www.redarmyfund.co.uk

  • Gold Membership equates to 82p a day (£25 a month)
  • Silver Membership equates to 33p a day (£10 a month)
  • Bronze Membership equates to 16p a day (£5 a month)
  • Red Membership from as little as 3p a day!

Anyone signing up to a Bronze Membership package will get a limited edition metal TrustSTFC.tv pen and anyone from Silver Membership upwards will get one of our brand new 2017 TrustSTFC shirts.

Existing contributors, your pens and shirts will be with you soon.

Everyone else, please think about giving us your support.

Dramatic change does not happen easily and our work will continue until we achieve successful outcomes.


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