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From being number two to being replaced by his brother in a match and occasional trips to watch speedway, Ty Belford lived and breathed Swindon during his spell at the County Ground.

Despite making only 15 appearances for Town he will be fondly remembered for his contribution to our various causes. He spoke to STEVEN FYFE…

What is your favourite memory from your time at Town?

I would say my favourite memory for the town must be my debut at home in the JPT. The feeling of playing my first professional game is something I will never forget but also getting a win just topped it off for me, it was a great feeling.

Who were the best players in squad during your time?

That’s a hard question to answer to be fair but I’m going to say Nathan Thompson, not just because of the fact he’s a leader and someone I respect a lot but because I’ve never seen a player be so solid in my time with the club. Think it was very rare you would see him have a bad game, I would like to think he will go on to play at a higher level.

Overall how do you rate your time at SN1?

Obviously, I had ups and downs within my time at Swindon but overall I was happy with my time there. I don’t have a bad word to say about the football club, nor the players and staff I played and worked with.

Do you feel you never got a fair chance to prove yourself?

That’s a difficult question to answer really. I felt at my best the season that Lawrence (Vigouroux) first come in, and Wes (Foderingham) left. I played the full pre-season against some strong teams such Everton, West Brom and Aston Villa and could really see myself growing game by game.

It’s tough because every time I was selected to play we didn’t really have a full strength side so was always difficult, but of course I would have liked to have played more.

Ty Belford in action for Swindon


You seemed to have a close relationship with fans would you agree?

Without a doubt, I couldn’t agree more. The connection between myself and the fans was brilliant, I can’t thank them enough for the support they showed me.

Obviously wherever you go there are people who like you and people who don’t, that’s football, but overall I was over the moon with how the fans took to me and will be forever grateful.

There was a special moment when both your brother and you played – how was it for you?

It was certainly a special moment for the family not sure that has ever been done……That’s a question that must be asked surely? Two brothers as goalkeepers playing in the same game?

Yes, it was difficult because I was obviously disappointed in being sent off, it’s my first and only red card but on the other hand, it was nice to see my brother get on the pitch. I stood in the tunnel watching the penalty with the steward and I said to him – ‘he will save this, his penalty record is frightening’ – he loves a debut penalty save!

Belford wears a T-shirt in support of speedway rider Darcy Ward

Do you have any regrets or feel there is unfinished business?

I wouldn’t so much say regrets because I loved my time there but if I could change something it would be to have played more games and established myself but that’s football. Of course there is unfinished business and if I can go back to the football club in the future in any capacity of course I wouldn’t think twice.

How have things gone since you left?

Things have been up and down, I personally had a good start at Southport on loan – I had won numerous man of the match awards in the first month there, and got myself in team of the week and won the supporters club ‘player of the month’ award so things were looking good for me on a personal note.

But the club parted ways with the then manager Andy Bishop, unfortunately with the change of manager I was told I was no longer needed as the new manager Steve Burr had different plans. Since then I did mutually agree to terminate my contract with Swindon Town so that I can go and get some valuable game time, hence the reason why I went out on loan in the first place, but I suppose that’s football!

Have you got a message for the fans?

Wish you all the very best for the future. Best wishes Ty TB25.

Belford in action in pre-season



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