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S.T.F.C. (our club) –  a call for unity

S.T.F.C. (our club) – a call for unity


Our club’s plight is a microcosm of that which the current Euro super league scandal portrayed, in as much that there is currently a complete disregard for the views and feelings of the fans.

I am aware that football has changed in many ways, but amazingly it hasn’t changed in the degree of emotion, pride and passion for the game.

That pride and passion comes from the fans.  “Without fans the game has nothing to offer”, other than a T.V. Game show, which you could replace just as well with animated characters.

I have been privileged to enjoy the glory days of Swindon Town, so we know what the blue print to success is – it’s all about UNITY.

Take Leicester for example. What a wonderful club that is, and to think our club Swindon Town overcame such formidable opponents during one of our glory days. Just what did that say about us and the kind of club we were?.

When the ‘town’ is unified in every aspect, with the Board, the owners, the local authority, the management, the players and the fans, it is such a formidable force. It can only bring success and joy to the benefit of the whole community.

The lack of rapport, communication and involvement of all these parties has certainly brought about the sad demise of our beloved club.

We clearly need a dramatic change in direction and for me I cannot see a more determined passionate enthusiastic force than that of the Supporters Trust to bring about that new direction.

Let us set the dialogue by inviting all interested parties to come together.

Together we can bring about a new beginning of more enjoyable times.

By Cliff Puffett (Former chairman S.T.F.C.)


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