Home Archive SAM MORSHEAD: This is our way of creating a Swindon Town legacy
SAM MORSHEAD: This is our way of creating a Swindon Town legacy

SAM MORSHEAD: This is our way of creating a Swindon Town legacy


No matter how far I go, no matter how long it’s been, no matter how much I profess in the national press that the club has done me wrong and I’m feeling the effects… it’s just impossible to say goodbye.

So when Trust STFC chairman and all-round good egg Steve Mytton urges me back with the promise of fan engagement, community spirit and general Swindon Town-related fun, I was rushing back quicker than Eric Sabin without ball at feet.

Because, and Eric Sabin has a curious part to play in all this, whatever I can do to engage (or re-engage) our club with our community is absolutely worth it.

It takes very little to sit down and write a few words about a topic you feel passionately about. In fact, it’s a pleasure. I miss it. I used to get to do it every day – thousands of words every day – and it was fabulous, frenetic, infuriating fun.

That’s what following your football club should be. Sometimes fabulous, regularly frenetic, almost always infuriating. And above all, fun.

So this is what Trust.tv is about. Fun.

It’s supporters having their say. It’s a stage for community programmes run by the club which don’t get the exposure they deserve.

It’s for satire, parody, long-reads, short-reads, jokes, critiques, films, pictures, memes and GIFs. (All of which I wish I had the chance to compile with regards to Mr Sabin).

It’s for fan involvement.

Swindon Town supporters are the reason the club exists

Our content will be driven by you. Want to hear more about what’s on offer in the club shop? Ask us, we’ll pay them a visit. Confused as to the loan rules in the Football League (sorry, EFL!)? Ask us, we’ll explain. Want an all-time Swindon Town XI themed entirely around high street shops? Try us and we’ll try our best.

This is community. This is connectivity. This is a place for us all to share stories and opinions and build a platform where every Swindon fan’s opinion is valued and expressed. (Disclaimer: With due consideration to slander and libel laws, innit).

I’m delighted to be given a stage to write about Swindon and lower-league football – a hugely important part of the game in this country which is slowly being abandoned from the top down. I can’t wait to share my thoughts.

But Trust.tv is all about providing the content you want. So each week, Trust STFC will ask you what you want to hear about from me. That could be stories from the past, musings on the present or prophecies for the future. Or just an inane ramble; I’m good at those.

The fans decide.

The fans matter.

Welcome to TrustSTFC.tv.


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