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The New Era at Swindon Town begins

The New Era at Swindon Town begins


You can tell by the excitement on social media over the last few days that finally something good is happening at SN1. We finally have our club back.

The proposed ownership battle of the club that has wrangled for months and months is finally over. Clem Morfuni is the new owner of Swindon Town FC. At the beginning of the week, you had a sense of a feeling that it should be done soon. It was causing a bit of anxiousness and maybe a little bit of stress in the STFC fanbase. Then a certain tweet from BBC Wiltshire Sport on Tuesday afternoon sent the Swindon Town fans into meltdown for a good reason. The sense of excitement was great to see on social media on Tuesday afternoon which went into frenzy going into the pre-season game at Swindon Supermarine later that evening.

It was confirmed that the proposed takeover of the club by Clem Morfuni has been successful, it was official on Wednesday afternoon. You can see the excitement on Twitter from the Swindon fans as something good was about to happen. We waited for this for so long and we won’t be taking it for granted. We have been through a very tricky time as a Swindon Town fan, there has been times where you had that inkling at the back of your mind this could be it, the end of our beloved Football club.  But finally on Wednesday afternoon that feeling of anxiousness and dread was taken away by absolute happiness and delight. This is the news that all Swindon fans have been waiting for a long, long time.

Some smart business was done on Thursday from the club, new coach a new DOF and a new CEO was announced on Thursday afternoon. Ben Garner as the new coach, Ben Chorley as the new Director of Football and Rob Angus as the CEO of Swindon Town. New coaching staff does include Scott Lindsey and Scott Marshall, it is good to see Lee Peacock and Steve Mildenhall staying on with the club. Peacock will go back to the academy set-up and Mildenhall will be goalkeeping coach. Both have done stellar jobs while this whole process has been going on, most of it without pay. It is good to see an owner engaging with the public and the media, the last three days with Clem Morfuni in charge has been a breath of fresh air. Engaging with fans at the Swindon Supermarine friendly, playing 6-a side football. Engaging with media on Sky and local news. Hopefully more is to come. You can feel that the club is going in the right direction and Morfuni has made some shrewd decisions on who he wants to bring into the football club. Losing Rob from the Trust is a massive loss but a massive gain for STFC. A man who cares and loves the club with all his heart.

On Friday the new home shirt was announced online, the new design looks amazing a bespoke design that features the logo of the club in the past. A lot of Swindon fans love the new shirt, and I will imagine a lot will be ordered for the up-and-coming season. £44 couldn’t be spent quick enough.

It has been a wonderful last few days as a Swindon Town fan, it feels that the club is back and it’s the right pair of hands. After the turmoil in the last few months, it feels good to be a Swindon town fan once again. The optimism is back within the fanbase, and it is great to see. There is still a lot of work to be done and I trust the guys who are in charge to deliver. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see this club back and firing again.

By Scot Munroe


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