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TrustSTFC and STFC agree Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

TrustSTFC and STFC agree Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


TrustSTFC are delighted to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with STFC, that highlights the commitment of both parties in our relations going forward.

This is another positive step under the club’s ownership of Clem Morfuni, and the contents of the MOU are largely based around commitments made by Clem in his response to our Open Letter back in February of this year.

You can view the full document by clicking here.

Some of the key points to highlight from the club’s commitments include:

● Engaging with fans, all supporter groups, the local community and media outlets

● Providing regular updates around the financial status of the business, as well as filing full accounts on time

● Discussing any meaningful changes to the cultural aspects of the club and that of the ownership

Rob Angus was the signatory from the club, and Steve Mytton of TrustSTFC from our side.

Steve commented:

“Signing an MoU with the club is a really significant step forward and builds on the recent good progress and positivity. It’s a formal agreement between the supporters and the football club that sets out a framework for continued openness and transparency and ensures the promises that have been made publicly in recent months will be honoured.

At the moment there are only 10 such agreements in place across all 92 professional clubs, and ours will be the 11th. We hope other trusts and clubs continue to follow this same trend and initiate similar agreements because ongoing constructive dialogue between football clubs and fans is crucial to the health of our overall game. This is the latest in a series of clear and positive actions that are helping to improve the future of our football club. Fans’ voices will finally be heard and respected, and that’s all we’ve ever wanted.”

Town CEO Rob Angus, said:

“The MOU is an important step in formalising the open and transparent communication that we will have with supporters going forward. We want our club to be known as the most engaging and transparent club in the Football League, and this agreement, coupled with the Advisory Board and the ongoing engagement we will provide to media and supporters, will hopefully illustrate and ensure that we come in the top places of the Fan Engagement Index. “I would like to thank the Trust for their support and we look forward to working with them openly going forward, along with the Official Supporters Club and the Disabled Supporters Club.”

We’d like to thank the club and all involved from both organisations in making this a possibility, as well as the inputs from the Football Supporters’ Association


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