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TrustSTFC Board Elections 2022

TrustSTFC Board Elections 2022


Annual Elections Update

In our notice issued on the 1st of February, we advised we were holding our annual Board elections with the intention of announcing the results at our AGM on the 23rd March.  Applications were required to be submitted by noon on 1st March with up to a maximum of 9 vacancies available. 

We can now confirm that in addition to the 3 existing Board members seeking re-election (Stephen Mytton, Alex Pollock and Alan Jones) we have received 6 formal applications which have been proposed and seconded by two other members, from the following candidates:

  • Chris Van Roon
  • Neil Hutchings
  • Bazil Solomon
  • Paul Hedges
  • Thomas Paris
  • Steve Garton

As the number of applications has not exceeded the number of vacancies, in accordance with our rules there is no requirement to hold an election.  Instead, we will be seeking endorsement from the membership for each candidate to become Board members at our AGM.  Any candidate receiving the support of more than half of those present shall be deemed to have been elected.

Each candidate has submitted a personal statement to support their application which can be found below. Those seeking re-election have played a pivotal role in success of the Trust and are integral to delivering our current priorities. We have also been delighted with the calibre of the new candidates, they have a broad range of skills and experience, and it is our view that they will be a real asset to the Trust Board.  With this in mind, we recommend all candidates are endorsed by the membership. 

Whilst our Board numbers are restricted to 12, any member interested in getting involved have the option to be Co-opted onto the Board as a Trust Officer.  We are pleased to announce that existing member Scott Curtis will be joining us in this capacity.  Scott has a strong CV and we look forward to working with him.    

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Trust Officer, please contact us on the email provided below.     

Members Note:

Would all Members please note that the contact address on any matter set out in this notice is:


Supporting Statements

Current Board Member – Standing for re-election

Stephen Mytton (existing TrustSTFC Chairman)

I joined the Trust board back in March 2013 after attending the AGM and became Chairman a few weeks later. I am now seeking re-election to the Trust board in 2022. Over the course of the last nine years, I have worked hard and participated in many different activities and would like to continue in my role as Chairman and maintain progress on our exciting ambitions over the next 12 months.

Trust Activities / Highlights of my time at the Trust so far:

  • Making the County Ground an Asset of Community Value
  • Helped build the trust brand through many years of press releases and website articles
  • Helping the Trust get to over 1000 members and more recently over 2000 members (including Associate members)
  • Worked on many ‘Trust in Schools’ activities to encourage the next generation of Town fans
  • Heavily involved in the ‘Trust Family Day’ with 3,500 tickets handed out for one match
  • Created an STFC educational website aimed at youngsters in the area
  • Organised free football training sessions for children in Swindon
  • Worked on ‘Trust in Youth’ activities aimed at building links with local football teams
  • Approached the council around the possibility of a County Ground sale back in 2015
  • Created and launched a new Red Army Fund website that has raised over £150k
  • Created and managed delivery/collections for a vast range of reward items including badges, pens, shirts
  • Managed activities and PR around 5k to Coventry campaign in 2016
  • Worked with the Club and Community Foundation on Pro-Red scheme
  • Launched ‘Trust Hero Awards’ recognising great supporters in our community
  • Created and launched TrustSTFC.tv which is now our main media website
  • Hosted 9 AGM/Fan meetings at various locations and more recently online
  • Created many detailed media packs to go along with those AGM meetings
  • Designed various giveaway items such as the 1969 road to Wembley and Anglo Italian celebrations
  • Attended many meetings with representatives of Swindon Town FC
  • Performed many media duties with BBC Wiltshire, TV, Sky Sports and Swindon Advertiser
  • Met with potential developers of the County Ground stadium
  • Created and submitted numerous detailed proposals to Swindon Borough Council
  • Attended many meetings with the leader and Chief Executive at Swindon Borough Council and presented to Councillors on several occasions
  • Managed one year of difficult contractual negotiations with Swindon Town FC and reported weekly to SBC on progress, risks and issues etc
  • Played an integral part in County Ground fundraising discussions over several years, investigated many legal avenues and explored community shares in detail
  • Wrote and sent out many newsletters to our membership and maintained correspondence afterwards where required
  • Involved in many legal discussions around change of STFC ownership
  • Provided witness statement to support STFC in the courts
  • Presented STFC concerns to Fan Led Review with Tracey Crouch MP and others
  • Presented STFC concerns to EFL
  • Attended board meetings monthly for 9 years
  • Current Advisory Board member along with James Spencer and Alex Pollock
  • Director of The County Ground Stadium Custodians Ltd, soon to be joined by Stuart Woollard
  • Launched, hosted and edited many ‘Trust Matters’ YouTube videos
  • Built a healthy relationship with the current club custodian, Clem Morfuni
  • Existing healthy relationship with Chief Executive Rob Angus

Alan Jones (existing TrustSTFC Treasurer)

I, Alan Jones, wish to apply for re-election to the board of TrustSTFC.

I have been a member of the Trust since the start in 2001,and I am currently a Silver membership through the Red Army Fund. I am currently the longest serving Trust Board Member.

I have been a Swindon supporter since my first visit to the County Ground in 1981. I was once of the inaugural Junior Robins members in 1984, and have been a Season Ticket holder since 1987.

My previous work experience has included working as a Treasury Administrator for 13 years at BCA, where I was required to:

  • Reconcile bank statements (UK and Foreign)
  • Pay suppliers via cheque, or create and send BACS flies, or create/send payments via electronic transfer (CHAPS/BACS)
  • Create/send Direct Debit files
  • Reconcile payroll and make sure payments to HMRC were paid on time
  • Do cash flow forecasting, and put any excess money on deposit

I currently work in Central Finance for Siemens Mobility Limited.

I have been Treasurer for TrustSTFC for a number of years, so I’m very experienced in the role. As Trust Treasurer, some of items that I do are:

  • Regularly check all Trust bank accounts, including Paypal, making sure that there are no fraudulent transactions, and report, on a monthly basis, to the board meeting our financial position
  • Pay any bills/expenses via transfer in a timely manner
  • Submit quarterly VAT returns to HMRC
  • Create annual accounts, liaising with Independent Assessor for the audit of the accounts
  • Liaise with Secretary for accounts submission to FCA
  • Sort out new bank mandates (when required)

I have also acted as ‘temporary’ secretary and assisted in sorting out with rule changes.

I hope I can continue in the role for another year, where we can look forward to completing the County Ground purchase, which would be a historic achievement for this, or any other supporters’ trust.

Alex Pollock (existing TrustSTFC Board Member)

I’ve been a Board Member of TrustSTFC since 2017 and was involved as a Trust Officer for some time before that. I originally joined as an Officer to help support from a communications perspective before quickly realising there were other skillsets I had that the Trust could utilise, and was delighted to be formally elected onto the Board 5 years ago.

In the more recent years of my involvement as a Board Member, I’ve taken the lead on ensuring we have strong ties with local and national media outlets and am a regular contributor on the Trust’s behalf to the Swindon Advertiser, BBC Wiltshire, and other local partners, as well helping to guide the Trust through ongoing communications. If re-elected, I’d like to focus more of my time on enhancing our communication output via our social media channels, ensuring we’re as open and transparent with members and the wider community as possible.

I’m also hugely passionate about the acquisition and joint-venture of The County Ground, for both the club and supporters. This is something that has been talked about for a significant period of time, and I have been supporting/working on it since 2018.

Throughout my time as a board member of TrustSTFC, I’ve always made myself available to be communicated to on a whole range of matters, regardless of topic, and often take time to speak with members and fans via social networks, in-person, and have enjoyed many-a phone conversation with members who have matters they’d like to discuss. If re-elected, this is something I can assure you I will continue to do.

In my professional life, I’ve worked in digital marketing for the last 15 years and have a wealth of experience designing and implementing media campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands. I started my career working in marketing agencies across South West, before moving into client-side corporate roles globally. I’ve had the privilege of working for and on behalf of some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Apple, BP, Emirates, GlaxoSmithKline, and Samsung.

Some examples of the value I bring to organisations and projects include:

  • Global experience developing and implementing marketing and social media strategies for large scale campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of brand management, media strategy, and digital technology solutions.
  • Expertise in building and leading highly productive and effective marketing teams. 

At present, I’m the Digital Media Director for a Chiswick-based marketing agency, responsible for the agency’s digital capability, ensuring all our client’s work makes an impact through the entire digital ecosystem. My current employer and team are hugely supportive of the voluntary work I do with TrustSTFC.

Back in early 2019, I co-founded a local community interest company called Men’s Mental Health – Swindon (mmhSwindon) which provides mental wellbeing support and advice for the local community, as well as helping to promote free-to-access services in Swindon and beyond. As a CIC, we don’t offer any clinical or therapeutic intervention but pride ourselves on being a creative campaign vehicle that aims to reduce the stigma of the mental health conversation, particularly in men.

I’ve lived in Swindon all my life, where I currently work remotely, and am a season ticket holder at the club with friends and family.

Potential New Board Members – Standing for Election

Chris Van Roon

I wish to join the Trust STFC Board to become the Board’s first Environment and Sustainability Officer. Trust STFC should absolutely encourage Swindon Town Football Club to be as environmentally friendly as possible and contribute as much as possible to the goal of “net zero” as soon as possible. Ideas where this could be investigated could be:

  • Active travel to the club: encouraging as many of the supporters as possible to walk, cycle, use the bus or train to travel to and from the stadium. This can be encouraged by working with the Borough Council to maximise good walking routes. The club could provide more secure cycle parking facilities in addition to those present by the Stratton Bank by looking at more suitable sites around the stadium and working with STFC Community Foundation who have secure cycle facilities at their site. We could work with Swindon Bus Company and Stagecoach to investigate whether cheaper fares could be used in the hours immediately before and after matchdays, and also if some of their routes could be amended to serve more villages at those time or become more frequent (such as operating a smart timetable). Walking and cycling to the ground helps keeps our fanbase as fit as possible as well as helping our fanbase save money.
  • Should there be a stadium redevelopment or refurbishment, work with the Club to make any new or adapted stadium as environmentally friendly as possible, such as water collection from the roofs of the stadium to be stored and used in toilets, solar panels to be used, wind turbines to be investigated.
  • Investigate more environmentally friendly food options which can be sold to supporters as part of the matchday offer alongside current offers
  • More materials from the stadium to be recycled
  • Investigate whether there would be scope for clothing materials in the club shop to come from more sustainable sources
  • And many other ideas

This is an exciting time for Swindon Town Football Club and I wish to use my skills and expertise to ensure that the Trust Board remains a critical friend to the club, which asks challenging and difficult questions from a viewpoint to improving the club for all supporters. I look forward to working with representatives from the Club, other Trust Board members, members of the Official Supporters Club and hearing from as many interested fans as possible about your ideas, and doing my best to represent you. I believe that we need to develop more of a “one Club” ethos, working with all the different groups, the Club and STFC Community Foundation.

Below are my relevant skills and experience for this role:

  • I have 15+ years’ experience as a Civil Servant, first at Swindon’s Research Councils between 2001 and 2010 and at the Department for Education since 2014. My role at the Department for Education has involved studying the minutiae of academy and school trust accounts, ensuring that schools and trusts are adhering to sound financial management, and that they have strong governance so that they can challenge their leadership effectively as governors. I was also Governor and Chair of Governors at Grange Infants School in Stratton between 2003 and 2010. This will give me a lot of relevant excellent experience for Trust STFC.
  • Political experience – I was a Borough Councillor for Stratton ward between 2003 and 2007 on Swindon Borough Council. I achieved many things locally through working with Council officers and working across parties at the Borough, such as road safety measures for local children (school crossings). I have chaired many committees and meetings. I know therefore many of the local political personalities and have good relations with them but can challenge them strongly where necessary, which again is excellent relevant experience for Trust STFC.
  • Other experience includes working for Swindon’s 2 current MPs Robert Buckland and Justin Tomlinson in their London office between 2010 and 2012, helping Swindon’s residents, working openly, courteously in a friendly manner with a very wide range of people. I volunteered during the London Olympic Games as a Dignitary Assistant and assisted a significant country’s Sports Minister during the Paralympic Games, taking her across London to see her country’s athletes perform at all of the different venues. I was also a London Ambassador for the Mayor of London during these Games.  

Neil Hutchings

As a local lad, born, bred and still living in the town, I consider myself a proud Swindonian who’s love affair with the club goes all the way back to when I was eight years old. I remember my parents taking me to my first game. The noise, the excitement, the chants. I can’t remember a thing about the game itself, or who we were playing but it made its mark and I’ve been following Swindon Town ever since. With the odd year missing here and there, I’ve been a season ticket holder for 25 years.

When you look back at our history, so much has happened. I’ve lost count of the promotions, relegations, the highs and the lows. Different owners, many managers, the odd scandal, some awesome players – it’s never boring being a Town fan, is it?!

But despite all the change over the years at the Country Ground, the one constant is us, the fans. If the fans stop walking through the turnstiles, what are you left with? An empty stadium void of passion and identity. The club and its fans should always be at the heart of our community, something which has been missing until recently.

Trust STFC played a significant role in challenging the previous owner and bringing change to the club which was so desperately needed. For the first time in years (perhaps ever), we have transparency in what the club are doing and what they are working towards. Clem and Rob are dragging our club out of the darkness but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and think that the job is done.

There is a lot still to do. Whilst the short-term focus is rightly on securing the County Ground, we need to look ahead and find ways of widening our supporter base, working with everyone in the community and finding the next generation of fans. There may still be times where we as fans need to challenge the club over their approach. We also need to consider what life after Clem looks like – could a supporter owned model work for a club like Swindon?

Together with the Official Supporters club, the Trust are the long-term guardians of what it means to be a Swindon Town supporter and I’d like to join the Board in supporting their goals.

Although I’m an electrical engineer by profession, I have spent most of my career managing a range of business interests in the UK and further afield. I spent 23 years at SSE, joining from school as a 16-year-old apprentice electrician going on to hold a number of roles including Managing Director for Utilities/Telecoms and group National Development Director.

I then moved into renewable energy, joining Anesco as Operations Director, the energy solutions company recognised as the UK’s fastest growing company and proud member of the Global Cleantech 100.  Then around five years ago I started my own energy and infrastructure consultancy business based here in Swindon which I continue to lead today.

Through my business, I’ve been fortunate to be able to support the club through sponsoring players and matches, enjoying the great experience which Danny Lee, Phil King and the club have pulled together.

Away from work, football seems to dominate my family life. My wife is a coach for the local kids’ team and my son plays for Swindon Town Community Foundation. Both have Swindon season tickets and we get to as many games as we can. I can’t play the game to save my life but I’m quite happy to referee!

I’ve loved watching my son catch the Swindon bug as I did when I was his age. As well as watching from the stands, he’s benefited from his time at Foundation Park and the great work which Jon, Shane and the team deliver every week. It’s a great example of how the club, through its community partners, can impact the lives of so many and not just on a Saturday afternoon.

We’ll probably never know just how close we were to losing our club last summer. Whilst the memories of those dark months aren’t pleasant, they should motivate us to ensure we never end up in that position again. The Trust are ideally placed to build on the great progress made so far and with my skills and experience, I hope I’m able to support them by joining the Trust Board.

Come on you reds!!

Bazil Solomon

I have lots of good experience promoting football, STFC, playing football from school days and now in my 50s taking part in walking football. Football brings people together. I can get a network of people who take care of and help in words and practical ways to help develop local and international football.

Football engagement helps local businesses thrive, helps with improving residents’ health, and helps make society more cohesive. I work as a part-time teacher and local government councillor where inclusion and getting children to participate in football games is essential. I help establish businesses with better financial models and expert computing technology experience.

British football has given a lot to the world. My values and my family and broader teams help us look after our neighbours and communities. I feel I can bring these values of developing Swindon Town to prosper to the Board. I keenly promote the development of STFC stadium and grassroots football.

I will share one of my most challenging recent experiences. I had to go beyond and lead to make changes but give everyone a chance to achieve and succeed beyond their expectations. It is to tackle inclusion and racism and get more diverse peoples included in a much bigger local and global target of inclusion in sports. I was voted in as Chair of the FA IAG for Swindon and Wiltshire. The role involves leading the team, working with many great leaders and staff, and bringing different communities together to participate in football. My part mainly began during this horrible coronavirus pandemic. I also manage my diabetes and my heart health. There are many issues that communities face but many more reasons why we must increase participation for British: African heritage, south Asian heritage, and minority communities from LGBTQ+, elderly, disability to BAME in society.

I am most known for uplifting people and engaging critical stakeholders to achieve remarkable success. With support from so many and the will to stay positive against difficulties, we have got children, youth, and many others to participate in fearless football matches against crime. In refugee football. In recent Afghan refugees’ football. In a Goan and East African day of football and social events. In walking football for people with ill health. I also participated in walking football for over 50s and managed ill health. We have made changes to the local FA board. I mixed British and Indian and another person of African heritage as co-directors. The aim is to improve the diversity of staff employment. So, I have realised that engaging with the communities means that people from the prominent Muslim, Hindu, Goan, African, and female backgrounds now play football more regularly. It is not that they were not engaging with sport, but that we must provide the events and leadership. They lacked resources! The past ways of trying were outdated. The sport needs more BAME coaches and referees. Most disadvantaged persons had never even been to a football stadium. It is about having time to engage in sports due to family work pressures facing immigrant populations. Between working with Swindon Borough Council in my role as a Councillor and on the Equalities committee and working with the FA, Swindon Town Foundation, Swindon Football club, local community leaders, and so many volunteers and charities, I was able to raise awareness, gather up funding, distribute recycled football kits, and share information in social media and the press. Now those communities are attending and have been coached into football leadership roles for the future. The participation rates have increased as we report to the FA; we have time-measured plans, scrutiny, and challenges to overcome exclusion and make inclusion embedded in our football culture. It inspires our youth and society to give everyone a chance to make a difference and build the future together with strength.

Some information from the FA Football website.


Paul Hedges

I am a lifelong town supporter, born in Penhill in 1956 where I lived until the age of 11, then moving to Colbourne Street, off County Road until 14. Following a compulsory purchase of our house my parents then moved to Shrivenham where I lived until I was 20.

Like many other children, my grandfather, a boiler maker at the railway works, took me to watch my first Town game in 1965. For the next 35 years I attended as often as I could while raising a family and building my career and business. I now live in Slough and have been a season ticket holder for the last ten years also going to every away game. One or both of my two sons who live in High Wycombe, join me for every game at the County Ground and my two grandchildren who are 12 and 10 now also attend regularly.

I was fortunate to play all sports to a good standard and managed to play for Swindon Boys up to under 16’s but when I started playing golf at Shrivenham Golf Club (Bremhill Park as it was called at the time), I quickly knew what I wanted to do with my life, and subsequently following my apprenticeship qualified as a PGA Professional Golfer in 1979. I became Head Professional at Winter Hill Golf Club in Cookham Berkshire (owned by the John Lewis Partnership) in 1981 and formed a company called Foremost Golf in 1984. Foremost is a Buying Group offering purchasing, sales, and marketing services to other PGA Professionals and ‘On Course’ retailers throughout the UK. Foremost had a turnover of around £60m in 2021 with 1,000 retail members in the UK whose combined golf sales was around £175m. If you would like to see more information Foremost Golf Ltd.’s company reg is 01857845 and its main web site is www.foremostgolf.com

I left Winter Hill in 1993 to become full time MD of Foremost and subsequently became its Chief Executive Officer a few years later. I have recently been awarded the status of Master PGA Professional by the Professional Golfers Association but other than 4 GCSE’s I do not have any other accredited qualifications.

I learned a lot during my thirteen years working with the John Lewis Partnership and seeing how successful their business model was, helped to shape the creation of Foremost Golf as a form of cooperative (not unlike the trust), with all of its members being able to become shareholders and every shareholder having a single vote regardless of investment.

During my 40 plus years in business I have gained experience in every aspect of developing and running a successful company and have experience of:

Shares – Created and continue to manage an internal sharematch scheme for all members and employees.

Property – Purchased multiple warehouses and offices and have experience of multiple tenants and leases. Negotiated substantial dilapidation agreements and managed major refurbishments. I am also a director of both a commercial and residential estate management company.

Accounts – Comprehensive knowledge of all accounting procedures and dealing with banks and auditors. Figures are a passion of mine.

Legal – Contracts, Supplier Negotiations, Company Acquisitions.

Events – Created and managed a National Golf Show for many years and numerous conferences and events.

Sales & Marketing – I have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of sales and marketing, and I have been invited to present to audiences of up to 1,000 at events across the UK, Europe, South Africa and the USA. While Social Media is not one of my core skills I have put in place a marketing platform providing bespoke weekly emails integrated with Twitter and Instagram which is currently circulated to over 350,000 golfers in the UK with an average read rate of over 45%.

Until recently I would not have been able to dedicate the time that I believe will be necessary to fulfill this role but having stood down as CEO of Foremost Golf at the end of 2021 and now working as a non-executive director this would no longer be an issue if elected.

I believe my business experience and knowledge could be of assistance and I would be very proud and excited to be involved in what is clearly a very significant and important time for The TrustSTFC, Swindon Town Football Club and its Supporters and would relish the opportunity to assist in any way I can as a director.

Thomas Paris

My first Swindon game was a rather dull 1-1 draw against Reading in 2002. It was my late friend, David ‘Big Dave’ Robertson, who dragged me along on that cold and wet Tuesday evening, and whilst the game might not have been a classic, I became a life-long fan. One of the things that made me fall in love with Swindon Town, and spend every day since supporting this club, was the atmosphere generated by the fans. I myself spent many a game contributing to this – some might remember me better as the kid that brought the drum to games many years ago, please forgive my sins! However, my aspiration back then was adding to the atmosphere to support the team on the pitch. Even nearly two decades on, that has not changed (minus the drum!).

It goes without saying that during my time as a supporter of our club, we’ve had more than our fair share of ups and downs. My passion in recent years, like everyone else, was tested but I, like many others, endured. Hoping and waiting for the day our club was given a fighting chance once again.

Clem buying the club and appointing Rob as the CEO has given us an opportunity other fanbases could only dream of. I was further encouraged to our prospects when the relationship between the club and fans was cemented in the agreement TrustSTFC formally signed with the club. Not mention the pending purchase and regeneration of The County Ground; at long last, our patience as a fan base and a club has been rewarded with this golden opportunity. We’re by no means a sleeping giant, but the potential I foresee for Swindon Town is much larger than what we are right now. Everything that the club and the Supporter groups have achieved in a very short period of time is extraordinary. It has reinvigorated my passion for football all over again with a strong desire to get involved with our club like never before.

Away from the stands, I have been learning, gaining experience and building a career which I believe could now be an asset to TrustSTFC. Professionally, I work with software development teams, based in the UK and overseas, to deliver software-based solutions. My career has given me extensive technology, agile project management, sales and marketing, social media, pitching and fundraising knowledge and skills that I am able to offer to help accelerate TrustSTFC and our club. I have been a long believer that when a football club is run properly off the pitch, everything on the pitch is so much easier and believe that this is represented very clearly with our successes and our failures. I have always been the type of person to roll up my sleeves, speak up and get stuck in when called upon and I see this as no different. This TrustSTFC election, in my opinion, is perfect timing to get involved and help push forward as a fan of Swindon Town.

If I am unsuccessful in my nomination, I’ll still be there available in whatever supportive role I can be for the Trust and our great club (minus the drum, promise!). However, if I am fortunate enough to be successfully nominated and elected to the TrustSTFC Board, I am committed and determined to:

• Bring my knowledge, expertise and skillset to help push TrustSTFC and it’s projects forward to operate professionally and progress as smoothly as possible

• Help aid initiatives and projects to rebuild of our club within our local community

 • Inspire those fans that disconnected during our dark days to return to where they belong • Work with the club to develop a match day atmosphere that is feared by opposing teams

• Be open, honest and transparent whilst pushing for initiatives that open up for more two way conversations and input from our fanbase more regularly

• Be a loud voice for our fanbase when working on various projects and initiatives with TrustSTFC and the club

I believe that with my experience and skill set, I would add value to the TrustSTFC board. Furthermore, it would be an immense privilege to represent our fan base to work closely with the club, which I am determined to make a difference. I sincerely hope that you’ll support my nomination to the TrustSTFC board.

Steve Garton

Candidate Statement in respect of application to join the TrustSTFC as a Board member.

Applicants name: Steve Garton


I have been involved at sport at all levels for the last 45 years as both a player and official and latterly as a manager of a youth grassroots team.

After ceasing playing I took a conscious decision to put something back to the game, qualified as a Referee with the Kent FA, and officiated in the North Kent / South London leagues. Later, as my own children started playing, I ran a team for Fairford Youth FC for 7 years and am still involved in making sure the team operates well though I have passed on the actual coaching to others with younger legs. I mention this as it demonstrates that I have a track record of being involved in sport, and especially football, for the benefit of the community. My opinion is that sport has the ability to make a difference to people’s lives and this is why I have put myself forward as a candidate for the vacant TrustSTFC position. I am a season ticket holder and my two sons are both avid ST FC supporters with one of them currently signed for the ST FC Academy.

Why do I wish to become a TrustSTFC Board Member?

Primarily my reason for applying for this role is because I believe passionately that having a well run local football team that is truly engaged with the society it operates in brings benefits to the Club but more importantly, it brings huge benefits to the local area and community. A football club that is truly part of the town will bring people together under a shared passion and vision, it can provide a focus for young people to coalesce around and can bring economic benefits to the town. I feel that since the Clem Morfuni acquisition the club has made great strides on bringing the town and club together though I am of the view that this journey has just started and I would welcome the opportunity to be part of what promises to be an exciting and rewarding process through an active involvement with the Trust.

What do I believe I can bring to the TrustSTFC?

I am currently Sales and Marketing Director for Bloor Homes and as part of this I am well used to creating and implementing medium and long term plans to deliver growth and sustainability. I have an understanding of finance and budgeting and have a track record of identifying and maximising additional revenue streams. A large part of my current work role is focused on reaching out to consumers and as such growing and developing the Trusts membership is not dissimilar to my current employment activity. My experience encompasses both digital and print media including the use of social media to drive engagement and interactive communication.

Finally I am a target driven individual and in all walks of life, be it at work, socially or in matters such as this, I will frequently wish to define ‘what success looks like’ as only then when the vision has been articulated and agreed on can progress be assessed. I feel I could assist in defining what success looks like for the Trust be that in membership, season tickets at the club, finances, fan engagement etc and that I have the drive and passion to assist in making that shared vision a reality. I like to make a difference and the opportunity to make a difference, all be it in a small way, to the success and growth of STFC is too good an opportunity to miss.


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