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What is the meaning and purpose of the latest TrustSTFC hashtag?

Based on the series of events and current status of the ownership of Swindon Town Football Club, we are actively asking Lee Power to do the right thing and sell the club to Clem Morfuni, who has clearly and openly outlined his vision and strategy for the future of STFC.

In light of this we are encouraging fans of STFC to no longer spend money with the club and through this approach we aim to show Lee Power he needs to leave the club and sell to Clem Morfuni at the earliest possible opportunity. With no income coming into the club through ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorship etc, Lee Power will be forced into doing the right thing for our football club’s future by selling to Clem Morfuni. We therefore encourage fans strongly to all stand together in unison to support this approach.

The current facts to support the above approach include:

  • In Feb 2021 Lee Power was claiming the club was broke and he could no longer fund it, and stated he wanted to put the club into Admin or sell to Able
  • Clem Morfuni of the Axis group paid Lee Power £1.1m for a 15%, shareholding in STFC and is happy to buy the remaining 85% for the same price as Able
  • The Judge in the court hearings is confused as to why Lee Power won’t sell STFC to Clem on those terms
  • Lee Power through his legal representative gave what the judge referred to as “unconvincing reasons” as to why he did not want to sell to Clem Morfuni, which largely centred on the fact they had fallen out and he doesn’t trust him and like the way he does business.
  • The Judge won’t let Lee Power put the club into Admin while Clem Morfuni is there with his bid for the club on the table, especially as Clem Morfuni has deposited £4m into a UK bank account and provided proof of funds for the ongoing running of the football club, something which Able have to date not provided.
  • The Judge won’t let Lee Power sell to Able (who are completely unknown in their intentions for STFC), while 15% owner Clem Morfuni is actively interesting in purchasing STFC and willing to match any Able offers.
  • Lee Power won’t sell to Clem Morfuni, and has now said he will fund the club given that he can’t sell to Able or go into Administration, contradicting his earlier February statement when he wasn’t willing to further fund the club.
  • The Judge has relaxed the injunction on Lee Power selling the club to Axis and has given Lee Power 30 days to conclude this outside of the court room.

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